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Leadership, Difficult Conversations and Coaching

Through our bespoke work we have recently noticed key themes emerging for our clients as they respond to the challenging market conditions. In response to this, we have developed a core suite of workshops that we are   able to offer  at  reduced rate.

Difficult Conversations – Many organisations have the right tools and processes in place to deliver successful people management. In our experience managers lack the skills and confidence to use these processes as well as they could. This programme uses the principles of having difficult conversations to ensure that the organisation makes the most of these tools. A recent programme focussed on Absence Management contributed to a 20% improvement in attendance rates.

“A key strength of Kynesis is their ability to tailor a development event or programme which not only focuses on the ‘real time’ key issues to be dealt with but which, more importantly, also encourages practical actions for dealing with them”

Frontline Leadership – Developing the Frontline leaders in an organisation is vital. Whether they are your emerging talent or your well-established load bearers this group have a clear influence on the service and performance of your business. Our 4 day programme develops the leadership skills of these individuals in a way that is engaging and impactful.

“Thanks for a great couple of days. I found the course to be challenging, thought-provoking and very inspiring”

Coaching Skills for Managers – A coaching culture isn’t about being supportive and caring instead it is about leaders challenging and developing their teams in a way that increases accountability and engagement. Most of all it is about performance improvement. This two day programme develops coaching skills for managers of all levels. Giving them the skills, experience and confidence to coach their teams to improved performance.

“Coaching for Success has helped increase the capacity of the organisation by creating a culture of supporting managers to think through issues and options to make informed decisions themselves”

Women in the Boardroom

On Sunday, Caroline was on BBC Scotland’s flagship Business programme discussing if there is a glass ceiling for women in the workplace? Follow the link here to hear the prgramme.